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I am your Host, Comedian Greg Alexander. I don't do this by myself.

I have Comedian Dee Shaw-Wesley & Comedian Tree Top.

This is where we talk LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, BULL-SHIT aaaaaand SOME MORE SHIT!!!!

What We Do

The Podcasts of ALL Podcasts. (3) comedians sit around and talk more shit than a little bit. With over 60 combined years in the comedy game, we are taking the art of "TALKING SHIT" to another level.  

We have 6 exciting topics, which you will enjoy, during the 1-hour podcast, tackle everything from 1. Chapter of the Book, 2. Greg's past stories, 3. Celebrity Gossip, 4. Pop Corn (Questions of the Day), 5. Movie Time & 6. Emails from our fans. 

Topics (Chapters)

Topic #21

The 3 Month Rule

     What is the "3 Month Rule"? Well, just let me say this... "Don't ever tell a woman that you love her, unless you absolutely fucking mean it!

Topic #10

Women With Children (Specifically Yours)

     Although men may uncontionally love your child, the hassle of dealing with a bitter angry woman, whom you cannot trust, at times causes you to be distant.

Topic #11

Arguing With Your Woman

     A highly advanced form of discourse that occasionally involves throwing shit at your lover, or at least having the urge to want to throw shit at them or do them bodily harm. 

Topic #12

Jump Offs

     Society deems it to be really cool, as well as acceptable, for a man to have a whole lot of women. As men, that is waht we do; we hunt and conquer!!! We seek and destroy

Topic #1

Emotional Women vs. Balance

     This is not going to be an easy topic to discuss, without some women getting bent out of shape or catching an attitude for what I am going to say...

Topic #2

Women Who Compare Current Boyfriends Too Those of Her Past

     Let me ask you a question. Have you ever wondered if your woman compares you to a dude from her past...

Topic #3

Women Changing Us to Suit Their Needs. 

     Why do women waht to change us? The answer is simple... Some women feel as though once they "Think" that they "Have" us, they "Think" we will won't go anywhere...

Topic #4

Can A Woman Be Just Friends (With Her Ex)? 

     Do you wonder if your woman can truly be just "Friends" with an Ex & not have any romantic feelings for him, while with you...

Topic #9

Stop 'Ego Tripping'

     There are a great deal of men in this world, who have this inner voice in your head which tells you... "You are the shit and Ni**a... You know it". 

Topic #25

Making Love To Your Woman's Mind

     I know some of you ignorant fuckers are wondering, "Well, how in tar nations, do I do that?  Am I just supposed to stick my dick in her ear or something"?

Topic #13

Sex... Can You Totally Please Your Woman?

     Any Ni**a with a Dick can fuck a bitch, but not every man can make love to that same woman; or for that matter, to any woman.

Topic #5

A Girl's Night Out. (What The Hell Does That Mean?) 

     I don't know waht to tell you, without insulting or degrading you, as a man. Sometimes, we can be insecure... but why?

Topic #6

Size... (Does It Really Matter To Woman?) 

     As men, can we please stop with the B.S.

NO HOMO, but you know DAMN well if you have something to work with for your lady. 

Guess what... REAL TALK... so does she

Topic #7

Baby. What's The Rush? (Regarding Meeting My Firends, Parents & Kids) 

     You ever wonder why some women are in such a srush to meat your friends, parents & kids? It's called... VALIDATION!!!

Topic #8

Why Do Women "Fake It"? (Regarding Sex) 

     Some women "Fake It" for their own reasons. What I have discovered, at times, some women "Fake It", because they don't want to hurt a man's ego, whom they say they love. 

Topic #14

Abuse (Physical, Verbal & Emotional)

     I have much respect and admiration for all women in the world. Yes, I can say that I will get angry with a woman, however I will not do anything demoralize her self-worth.

Topic #15

Quality Time (Do It Or Lose It)

     Quality time is very important for your woman. Don't dwell on that notion too much; just know that it is. It goes hand & hand with her required emotional stability.

Topic #16

He Who Finds A Daaaaam Wife... Finds A Daaaaam Good Thing (Or Some Shit Like That) 

     Every man wants a good woman, whom he can trust & put his life in her hands...

Topic #17

A Woman's Love Language (You Have To Learn To Speak It)

     Whether you want to believe it or not, you have to know & understand that everyone  has their own "Love Language".

Topic #18

Communication (Opening Up To Your Woman) 

     Allow me to tell you the same fucking thing that all women have been telling us, from the start... communication is the key!!!

Topic #19

Dating (It's Like Filling Out A Job Application)

     Dating = Filling out job applications

Seeing Someone = 2nd interview/ call back

Committed relationship = Final Hire

Topic #20

Who Care If Your Woman Makes More Money Than You?

     In a marriage, it's possibly your money is her money & vice versa. Ultimately will her making more money fuck with your ego?

Topic #22

Married Women (Yes, They Cheat Too)

     Trust me when I say, there have been some crazy, illicit, & sexual things, which I know that I have done to quite a few wives of some of the men in this world

Topic #23

Have You Ever Truly Wondered Why Women Cheat?

     It's no huge secret, women struggle with sexual temptation, as much as men do. However, unlike men, they are cheat better.

Topic #24

Grow Up!!! (Act Your Age)

     This topic is more for the younger men. However, this shit still applies to those 35-45 year old men, who still do not truly understand "Grow Up & Act Your Age"